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Recent Customer Testimonials

"Wow what an amazing experience,  I communicated with Paula via the website and email and I almost immediately feel relaxed, Paula was able to recommend accommodation near to the studio's.  So arrived on the Sunday night, In the morning I was a little nervous as I did not know what to expect. Within moments Gary and Paula made me feel welcome despite being an hour early. The course was relaxed but professional. Gary was such a great guy he made the learning interesting and exciting. If you want to take that step on to becoming a professional photographer then Look no further. This is a true 5 Star experience right here.  Plenty of refreshments and an amazing venue. Hazlewood Castle and the model were brilliant and professional.   

Thank you Johnny & Chloe as well as the others"
Paul Streeter.

"WOW!!! What a fantastic course. I have just completed the 5 day wedding course with Gary and Paula at Shoot Smart. The amount of information shared with us was amazing. This really is the only course you will need to improve your wedding photography skills. The course is worth every penny, you will not be disappointed.
Gary’s easy manner, and the amusing way he delivers the course material is very inspiring. Paula’s input as the second shooter and assistant is also invaluable. Also Paula’s lunches are a real treat. What a fantastic team.

Thank you both for a wonderful week"
Keith Deamer.

"Attended the 5 day wedding and portrait course last week - amazing!!
I've been using a DSLR for many years however, learnt some really cool stuff & much needed back to basics!
Gary's style of training is fantastic! Makes it fun & easy to understand & Paula was great too! Oh, & not to forget the lovely & plentiful lunches! 🙂


Getting ready to book my next course"

"I've just finished the wedding/portrait course with Gary and Paula at Shootsmart, and have been delighted with the results.

We were presented with a huge amount of information in a short time, but the way in which Gary delivers it makes it easy to understand and - more importantly - put into practice.  

Everyone on the course benefited from Gary and Paula's extensive knowledge, patience and tireless enthusiasm for photography.  A great venue, relaxed atmosphere, warm hospitality, plus some professional-looking shots by the end of the week - perfect.  

Will definitely be back for more"
John Newbury.

"I did both the Love Your SLR (15th March) and the 5 Day Wedding/Portrait Course (2nd - 5th March) and both were excellent. I bought my camera sometime last year and pretty much never used it as I didn't really know what I was doing. I'd read a couple of books in the past but nothing beats hand on experience and Gary give you that experience in droves.

From photographing items such as shoes, flowers, wedding dresses etc, to people in poses in a mock wedding at Ripley Castle (North Yorkshire), to people in a studio, to off camera flash location shoots around Elland, to using and understanding light meters, The list goes on and on.

I had a fantastic time at shootsmart and I would like to thank Gary and his wife Paula who kept us well fed and everything running to schedule, And Kelly who is their assistant/stand in model.

I can't recommend them highly enough."
William Callister

"I have just completed the 5 day wedding & portrait course run by Gary Gough and his wife Paula. I have been looking for a course such as this since being made redundant last year and to kick start my new career in wedding & portrait photography. I came across ShootSmart Photography Training, and after reading all the reviews decided to book the full 5 days (3 days wedding plus 2 days portrait). From walking in the studio on Monday morning to leaving on Friday evening, I enjoyed every bit and more. I have been a serious amateur for a few years and needed to fill in any gaps that I had in my technical ability, this course ticked all the boxes for me. You can read all the books and watch all the video's, but nothing beats hands on experience taught by a true professional photographer. Gary's method of teaching is relaxed, imparting years of experience in an easy to understand way. I now have a full understanding of studio flash ratio's and how to use my light meter the correct way. Gary's wife Paula kept things ticking along all week, and also kept the course members fed and watered.....A true family run course, which I would highly recommend to for anyone looking to improve their photography skills. If your looking for a photography course, look no further than ShootSmart Photography, you will not be disappointed."

Colin Sutcliffe

"I attended the 5 day wedding/portrait course in September and it was excellent. Gary is very good at getting his knowledge across, that along with his patience and sense of humor and linked with Paula's organisation skills and warmth, it made for a brilliant week which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I have learnt so many new skills including flash, posing, ambient lighting, timing, business management etc and also how to smile a bit more!
One tip I could give to anyone thinking about or attending one of ShootSmart's courses is to make as many notes as you can along the way as the knowledge I gained was immense.
Many many thanks to Gary and Paula, I couldn't recommend these guys more!"

Ian Heald

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"I attended the 5 day course from the 13th of March 2017. I had been looking for training like this for a while and there is nothing like it here in Scotland. Couldn't find a duff review for this course so bit the bullet and have no regrets. It's pretty full on so be prepared. So much information you really need to be taking notes where you can. Gary really knows his stuff inside out, and Paula is a gem. A real photographer in her own right but only seems to get credit for providing the grub, which is Fab!! I was a total greenhorn and found the location shoots a bit challenging as I'm not used to working at that speed, or in the studio. I hope to go back for a portfolio day as soon as one is available, because this is a quality service, run by quality people. Sign up, don't have any doubt. It cost me as much for my accommodation and travel as it did for the course and I would do it again."
Colin Davis (Apr 2017)


"I completed the 5 day wedding photography training with Gary and Paula in June 2016. Before booking a place on the course, I scoured the internet, researching wedding photography courses across the length and breadth of the UK. I came to the conclusion that Shoot Smart offered the best value for money and one of the most in-depth courses in the country. I wasn't wrong. Paula very kindly answered a long list of questions over the phone then I went ahead and booked a place on the course and traveled over 400 miles from the Highlands to Huddersfield. Paula was able to recommend excellent accommodation nearby at Heritage Suites in Lindley and because I was enrolled on the Shoot Smart course, I received a discount of £5 per night in my serviced suite.
It was an intense yet thoroughly enjoyable week. I got on very well with Gary and Paula as well as the rest of the group and had many laughs. Four of the five days were spent in Red 5 Studios discussing business, learning Gary's trade secrets in Photoshop, practicing with the manual settings on our cameras, experimenting with lighting, shooting models in the studio and receiving feedback on our images. We also got outdoors for some training with off-camera flash. Throughout the week Gary explained everything clearly and was always happy to answer questions. Our days in the studio were broken up by Paula's superb buffet lunches and numerous cups of tea! We also photographed a mock wedding at Ripley Castle near Harrogate on the second day of the course. The beautiful 'bride' and handsome 'groom' were so believable and I've returned home with hundreds of images, many of which I'd be proud to include in a portfolio or on my website.
I've dabbled with the idea of wedding photography on and off for many years but the fear factor has always put me off. Completing this course with Shoot Smart has given me both the skills and the confidence that I needed. I now feel ready to build on everything I've learned from Gary and Paula and go out there, change my career and finally fulfill a life-long ambition of earning a living from photography. I can't thank Gary and Paula enough and I would highly recommend this course to anyone contemplating wedding or portrait photography. It was worth every penny and every moment of the 900 mile round trip. Thanks again."
Karen Thorburn (Jul 2016)


Just finished the 3 day wedding photography course with Gary and Paula, I've been a keen photographer for many years so initially wasn't sure whether the course was for me or not...it was, I learned plenty!
Gary is very relaxed in his teaching style and entertaining with it, he has plenty of experience to back up his knowledge. 2 days of tips and essentials, a full day's photography at Ripley Castle with fantastic models and Paula's delicious buffets - a very useful and enjoyable course all round.
Mike Goodwin (Jul 2016)


"I would like to thank Paula and Gary for delivering an excellent off camera flash course today, I have learnt so much which will help me develop my skills as a photographer and it has been presented in such a way that even I could understand it.
Many thanks to Gary for the tuition and thank you Paula for putting on a fabulous buffet and I look forward to joining you again on one of your future portfolio days.
I would highly recommend this tuition"
David Baker (May2016)


"Fantastic course on Off Camera Flash, booking for my next course immediately!"
Andy Kitchener (May 2016)


"A really good week learning about weddImg photography. Monday was learning the basics and getting a reminder about shooting in manual. Tuesday was on location at Ripley Castle near Harrogate. A beautiful 'bride' and a French 'groom' with a fantastic comedy accent!
Great tips and feedback on the shots and a fascinating session on post production with Photoshop on Wednesday.

Thursday was studio flash and portrait photography with a little girl in the morning and a slightly bigger one in the afternoon.

Today was off camera flash, put and about in the sun and snow.

I've come away buzzing - full of ideas and with memory cards full of fantastic shots for my portfolio and website. It was a great week!

Thanks to Gary and Paula and great to meet all my course mates. By the end of the week, I could almost understand what they were saying in last of the summer wine land"
Bruce Hargrave (Apr 2016)


"I recently attended 2 days one-2-one training with Gary & Paula, covering Off Camera Flash, Low Key Studio Work & Photoshop.

This was the 2nd time I've attended Shoot Smart, i have learnt so much from these guys, their experience and knowledge is second to non.

I'm looking forward to attending the portfolio day in May 2016."
Lewis Smith (Feb 2016)


"I did the 5 day wedding and portrait course in October and thought it was absolutely brilliant. I learnt so much every day and it gave me the knowledge and confidence to be able to do this myself. Gary and Paula were very friendly and funny which made the course all the more enjoyable. Gary, who did most of the teaching, was not only very experienced behind the camera but he knew how to communicate that knowledge into a clear and easy to understand way."
Perminder Suman

The mock wedding shoot at Hazlewood Castle was a lot of fun and the off-camera flash sessions in the final two days introduced me to a whole new side of photography. In fact, I feel I have found the area that I want to focus on which is off-camera flash and studio work. I am now in the process of starting up my own photography business and this course had a large part to play in that.


"I recently completed the 5 day wedding course run by Gary and Paula, the experience from start to finish was superb, and very professionally run. The tution given was done in such a way that everyone in the group was relaxed and this enabled everyone to learn with ease. The course content was structured in a way that both experianced and beginners could learn together without any problems. The wedding venue of Hazelwood castle was the icing on the cake. I can recommend this course to anyone out there wanting to get into the photography business, as it not only covers the photography aspect but the business and processing sides. As a direct result of the course i have 4 wedding bookings already over the next 6 months. THANKS Gary, Paula and the rest of team"
Steve evans (Jun 2015)


Just completed the 5 day course and loved every minute of it, this couple ooze inspiration, so being a complete beginner on the technical side of photography I came away with a wealth of knowledge and buzzing with inspiration, Gary and Paula couldn't have crammed anymore information into five days and couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating, I am now hoping to book the five day landscape course, I honestly can't believe how far I have come and delighted I stumbled across this training course to explore my passion for photography.
Amanda Moore (May 2015)


Just returned from 5 Day Wedding and Portrait Workshop, run by Gary and Paula Gough, at Shootsmart. The atmosphere was relaxed, and the information was presented in a light hearted manner, with plenty of jokes and stories from Gary and Paula, which helped get the information across.One day was a mock wedding, held at the lovely Hazelwood Castle, with two lovely models, and plenty of posing and setup advice, and I've come away with some fantastic pictures, which if they hadn't come off my card I would never have believed they were mine.Other days were spent in the studio, outside with off camera flash and some amazing Photoshop sessions.I've come away with a lot more knowledge, and look forward to attending other courses. Definitely recommend the courses if you want to do more than point and shoot with your camera.
Peter Simpson (May 2015)


5 Day wedding & studio courseWHAT YOU WAITING FOR ??? BOOK THE COURSE NOWSeriously what are you waiting for? I wish i booked the course last year. Since Ive got back from the course i’ve done nothing but plan for the launch of my own photography business. One day i might be able to make the switch to full time pro.Gary and his team are great, very welcoming, great lunches provided and plenty of drinks available. The Studio is excellent. I could go on, The photoshop actions sessions were amazing.if you are thinking about turning a hobby into a business give this course ago.
Michael Scott (May 2015)


I have done several courses with Paula and Gary ,all were conducted in a friendly light-hearted environment in which Gary got all the points across to enable me to understand the course and techniques  required ......fantastic studio and the out of studio venues will blow your mind ..... For me the best there is
Ian bower (May 2015)


I did both the Love Your SLR (15th March) and the 5 Day Wedding/Portrait Course (2nd - 5th March) and both were excellent. I bought my camera sometime last year and pretty much never used it as I didn't really know what I was doing. I'd read a couple of books in the past but nothing beats hand on experience and Gary give you that experience in droves.From photographing items such as shoes, flowers, wedding dresses etc, to people in poses in a mock wedding at Ripley Castle (North Yorkshire), to people in a studio, to off camera flash location shoots around Elland, to using and understanding light meters, The list goes on and on.I had a fantastic time at shootsmart and I would like to thank Gary and his wife Paula who kept us well fed and everything running to schedule, And Kelly who is their assistant/stand in model.I can't recommend them highly enough.
William Callister

"I attended the 5 day wedding/portrait course in September and it was excellent. Gary is very good at getting his knowledge across, that along with his patience and sense of humour and linked with Paula's organisation skills and warmth, it a made brilliant week which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I have learnt so many new skills including flash, posing, ambient lighting, timing, business management etc and also how to smile a bit more!
One tip I could give to anyone thinking about or attending one of ShootSmart's courses is to make as many notes as you can along the way as the knowledge I gained was immense.
Many many thanks to Gary and Paula, I couldn't recommend these guys more!"
Ian Heald

Fantastic experience! Gary and Paula are a professional photography couple who make a great team and provide excellent training. On my course the other 'students' had a range of experience level from almost beginner to very competent.  Gary was able to explain and demonstrate photography across the full range of knowledge levels. I had gaps in my knowledge and came away from the course with some great shots and technical understanding. I also have to say I had fun! Gary had us laughing and is a very genuine guy. Take the plunge and go for it...
John Tomlinson

Robin King (Jun 2014)
"What a fantastic Day, Gary was / is a fantastic teacher and he really does live up to all the other reviews. I went on the PS course and on returning home was able to put into practice what i had learnt and what a difference it has made.... I feel i have made a huge leap forward in what i am now able to do. I will definitely be booking again with Gary . Many thanks to Gary for an amazing day and to his lovely wife Paula for her hospitality"
Robin King

kimberley shaw (May 2014)
"I attended the 3 day wedding course, the course was brilliant and I learnt so much. Gary and Paula are great, friendly and helpful. A very inspiring course with loads of useful tips. Gary is so passionate about what he does it's infective. We photographed a mock wedding at Ripley Castle, with lovely models. I would definitely recommend this course and I am looking forward to doing more courses with Shoot Smart."
kimberley shaw

Kester Sandbach (May 2014)
"2 day portrait course covering use of flash in the studio and out on location : great practical, hands on instruction - straight to the point, no padding, exactly what you need to know and how to do it. Well organised, with models and plenty of food included. A great investment of time and money, highly recommended."
Kester Sandbach

Graham Rhodes (May 2014)
"Recently attend the off camera and studio flash course, enjoyable day with easy to understand training, nice atmosphere and overall good experience."
Graham Rhodes

Stephen Beecroft (May 2014)
"I attended a Wedding Portfolio Day and then attended the following Photoshop day at Langdale Chase Hotel in April 2014. From the outset the choice of venue and the models selected were perfect for the purpose of the Workshop. Straight away I appreciated the manner that Gary set the tone of the course and in a no nonsense but approachable manner. I think this allowed everybody to get the most out of the two days. Gary crammed so much into the 2 days they flew over. On the second day he happily ran over the time to get all of the questions answered and to make sure he covered everything he wanted to. He knew what people were there for so he made sure that we got what we wanted. The images I have come away with I am so happy with. I will definitely attend further days run by Shoot Smart Photography."
Stephen Beecroft

Nick Garside (May 2014)
"Today I attended the off-camera and studio flash course with Gary and Paula, this was my second course and it was an excellent day. Gary's teaching style is easy going and instills complete confidence in your ability to put into practice the things that he is showing you. He completely demystifies the science and art of photography with simple, straight forward common sense and down to earth practical skills. Once again thank you, I am already planning my next visit. Cheers Nick"
Nick Garside

Graham Bairstow (Mar 2014)
"Booked and attended the studio and off camera flash course 25th Jan. Really enjoyed the day, the training was well paced and informative. The set up and equipment are well explained and how the achieve the same results with your own (cheaper) equipment is great. I managed to create some fantastic images on the day that will help me to carry on. Gary and Paula are lovely people and help at every level, giving and friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks again to you and also the others on the course for making a very enjoyable day... ;-)"
Graham Bairstow

Ben Mason (Mar 2014)
"Thoroughly enjoyed the one day "Love your SLR" course yesterday. It was well planned, professionally run, fun and a good balance between theory and practical. Gary even let me use his very expensive professional camera when my own decided to stop working! Highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get a better working knowledge of the manual settings."
Ben Mason

Russ Wykes (Dec 2013)
"I attended a 5 day wedding/portrait photography course in October 2013. This was one of the best investments I’ve made in my photography. Gary is a great teacher and a brilliant photographer, and Paula adds extra sparkle as a superb organiser and host. The course is hands on and practical and I learnt such a lot which I’ve started to put into practise. Gary takes time to make sure that everyone is gaining the skills needed, answering any questions and to offer hints and tips from his experience. The wedding shoot at Hazlewood Castle and the off-camera flash session there were, for me, the highlights of the week. A day absolutely packed with photography essentials. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Thanks Gary and Paula for everything that I learnt from you."
Russ Wykes

Hannah Duffin (Dec 2013)
"I attended a 5 day wedding/portrait photography course in November. With only a little experience, Gary and Paula immediately put me at ease. The course was jam packed with incredibly useful information, from setting up the camera, how to use a light meter, and onto posing of the bride and groom. They booked an amazing wedding venue for the shoot, enabling us to capture some beautiful pictures of a bride and groom, to add to our portfolios. The next day was a jammed packed day of using photoshop, I can easily say the whole group left that night amazed at some of the inside tips Gary showed us. So easily done, but it probably would of taken me years to grasp on my own. Day 4 and 5, we went into the studio covering creative lighting techniques, setting up a studio, using off-camera flash, how to create high and low key images just to name a few of the elements covered. This was something that utterly confused me before attending the course, but Gary's instructions were always clear and concise, and he never made you feel that any question was too silly to ask. I left after a week feeling a lot more confident in my ability, and feeling positive about my future career in photography Each day Paula put on a fantastic spread of food, with unlimited soft drinks and coffee throughout the week, this was really appreciated and a nice touch. I would highly recommend this course to anybody considering a career in Photography. The price tag to the course is definitely worth it once you leave with all the invaluable knowledge that Gary and Paula pass on to you. A massive thank you to you both, for such an amazing week. Hannah x x"
Hannah Duffin

Richard Keeting (Dec 2013)
"I attended the 5 day Wedding course with Gary and Paula at Shoot smart and it was absolutely outstanding. if you are looking at attending a wedding course don't look any further this is it. By the 3rd day I had learnt more than i expected to learn in the week. Gary and Paula are amazing hosts who made the course enjoyable and the whole experience relaxing. Gary went above and beyond to spend time with everyone making sure they got everything they needed. Absolutely Fantastic!"
Richard Keeting

Amanda Morris (Dec 2013)
"Had a fab day on Thursday on a one to one training with Gary. I came away with lots of great tips and have already put some of them in to practise. You can read all the books in the world but just having someone bring it to life was brilliant. It really helped me understand why i wasn't always getting the photos that I wanted.
Thanks Gary"
Amanda Morris

Natalie Cooper (Nov 2013)
"I attended the 5 day beginners course in October 2013 (Wedding and portrait) I had such an amazing time on this course it was fab! Garry and Paula are just the best,Garry is a brilliant teacher and has he all the time in the world for you and Paula is just great as she organises everything and makes sure you are ok. There the perfect team 🙂 I feel I have learnt so much from the course and I will be sure to book on other courses with Garry and Paula. I also had a fantastic day photographing a mock wedding at Hazelwood castle and thoroughly enjoyed the studio day not to mention learning about my camera, off camera flash and the studio set up!! I would highly recommend this course. Thanks again Garry and Paula and hopefully see you both soon Natalie xx"
Natalie Cooper

Debbie Birkby (Nov 2013)
"I attended the one day 'love your SLR training day' today and found it extremely helpful. Gary delivers the information in an easy to understand and interesting way and is very passionate about his work. Its an excellent way of finding your way around your camera if you are a novice and you will be shooting in manual by the end of the day. The course is a must if like me, you don't want to spend hours pouring over text books .You will learn enough skills to allow you to take more creative photographs than on the point and shoot mode and with practice you can use these skills to build your knowledge."
Debbie Birkby

Fiona K (Nov 2013)
"I attended a 5 day wedding photography/portrait course in October 2013. With only a little experience, Gary and Paula soon put me at ease and their hospitality made the week very enjoyable. The course was jam packed with lots of useful information and more importantly lots of practical elements too. It's given me the confidence to put things in motion with my change of career. I've come away with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. I can highly recommend them and I will be booking on further courses."
Fiona K

Tony Pickard (Nov 2013)
"Had a most enjoyable and informative one day wedding photography course at Harewood Castle with Gary and Paula. We learnt so much information from what camera settings to use for certain photo situations, how to pose the bride and groom to get fantastic shots and also did a bit of off camera flash as well to get some awesome photos of the bride and groom. Harewood castle is a wonderful place, beautiful venue for weddings and gave us all a fantastic chance to take some great photo's. The models we had to pose as the bride and groom were brilliant, really made the day for us all whilst having a laugh as well.. Gary also gave us a few trade secrets as well to help us plan our wedding shoots for the future. Big thanks you to Gary and Paula who kept us fed and watered as well as keeping Gary on track lol. Thanks again guys for a great day. Tony Pickard"
Tony Pickard

Andrew Taylor (Nov 2013)
"Went for a five day Wedding/Portrait course with shoot smart. It was the best thing that I ever did to improve my photography skills. After a week of the course I had my first customer for studio portraits which went incredibly well. I have my first wedding coming up in a few months, hopefully that will go just as well. I use the skills I learnt that week within my business everyday. I can't recommend Gary & Paula's course highly enough!!!"
Andrew Taylor

David Hodds (Sep 2013)
"I attended the 2 day portrait course on 18th & 19th july 2013 All i can say is that it was money well spent as i learn,t so much in a short space of time and i now take the knowledge i gained and inspiration to the next level.Due to Paula and Gary,s patience and easy approach to teaching it was a great experiance.My only regret was that i didn,t take the 3 day wedding course as well but i will be back when i,ve got my studio up and running as well as a few photoshoots under my belt.Within a week of having been on the course i have 2 photoshoots coming up plus a gig shoot so i can,t thank Paula and Gary enough for giving me excellent tution and confidence to take me to the next level."
David Hodds

Rosie Webber (Sep 2013)
"I attended the portrait and wedding course in July 2013 and can honestly not recommend it enough. I have learnt so much in such a short period of time. Day 1 we went through camera basics, learning how to use manual camera settings and manipulate light to flatter a subject. By lunchtime I was a manual convert and felt so much more confident. Day 2 we did a mock wedding at Ripley Castle. We covered all the various parts of a day and got some fantastic portfolio shots. I learnt how to work in a variety of lighting scenarios from window light and church light to blazing sun. All very difficult but things I would need to be able to do when shooting a wedding. Day 3 we went through the shots from the previous day, looking at posing and photoshop techniques. By the end of day 3 I felt I had the confidence to shoot a wedding and know I could have a good range of pictures to come away with that any couple would be more than happy with. Days 4 and 5 we went through portrait images using studio light indoors and off camera flash outdoors to create beautiful high key and low key images. Again we covered posing techniques and photoshop. There was no part of this course where I didn't learn something useful. The instruction was clear and concise and Paula and Gary were very friendly and approachable all the way through. Even if Gary does keep telling you off for looking at your pictures on the back of the camera, 'trust the settings!' The food provided is also amazing, worth the course fees on its own! Since being on the course I've booked 4 weddings so definitely a worthwhile investment. x x"
Rosie Webber

John Whitelam (Aug 2013)
"I have just attended the 5 day wedding and portrait training course and came away feeling very confident that I can improve my photography skills to be able to take wedding photo's and better portrait photo's. Gary and Paula are great tutors and very knowledgeable and professional. The course takes an in-depth look at the camera settings through to getting the best out of the subjects, posing, lighting etc and with a relaxed and laid back approach every one can feel the benefit. You are supplied with as much to drink as you want, and a fantastic lunch time spread that will keep you going for hours. Thank you Gary and Paula for a great experience. I would highly recommend attending SHOOTSMART training courses"
John Whitelam

Helen Walker (Jul 2013)
"I've been on a couple of courses here, the latest the 3 day wedding course. I hugely enjoyed both especially the wedding day on location at Ripley. Gary gives you a thorough grasp of what you're meant to be doing then helps you do it with remarkably good results, and it's also a lot of fun. Both Paula and Gary are very friendly, easy going and very professional and you are well looked after with a lovely lunch and copious amount of tea! I found this course very inspiring and I shall definitely be going back for more."
Helen Walker

Gary Bower (Jul 2013)
"I have just completed the 5 Day Wedding and Portrait Course with Gary and Paula. Thanks guys for a great time I have learnt so much and enjoyed every minute even the banter. The Ripley Castle wedding day was something really special also the portrait/off camera flash and photoshop days were very informative and hands on. I have just ordered my light meter now that I know how useful it is and the speedlights and triggers are winging their way to me as I type. Once again guys thanks and I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about becoming a better photographer. Cheers Gary Bower"
Gary Bower

Bob Atkinson (Jul 2013)
"I have just finished the one-day Off-Camera Flash course and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their flash photography to the next level. There was a lot to learn, but Gary's easy delivery, punctuated with anecdotes and jokes, made it great fun. There was lots of hands-on shooting throughout the day, and I know that those of us on the course learnt a lot in a short time. It was good to spend the day in the company of Gary and Paula. They did everything they could to put us at our ease and to make the experience an enjoyable one. I've already booked up for two more courses!"
Bob Atkinson

Ashley Smith (Apr 2013)
"I attended a 5 day wedding & portraiture course with 'Shoot Smart" in March '13. From walking in the door on Monday am, Gary & Paula put you at ease with their hospitality. Gary soon has you out of Theory based workshops into 'hands on' photo shoots. His teaching style is laid back and relaxed but I was surprised how much was covered very quickly and it is ALL essential knowledge for any level of photography. His support and contact afterwards is also of a high standard and reassuring that you know that he is only an email away fro additional support. I WILL be back for more".
Ashley Smith

Simon Walton (Apr 2013)
"I had a 1-to-1 day at Shoot Smart after 20 years away from serious photography. Superb! Gary really impressed me with his knowledge and teaching style. He had the ability to find out what I remembered recapping the information and moving onto things I was less familiar with or lacked. Paula and Gary created a friendly atmosphere, provided coffee and lunch without impinging on the content of what I wanted to learn. I could not have imagined covering so much in both knowledge and practical experience. Thanks to them both for a GREAT DAY"
Simon Walton

James Shaw (Apr 2013)
"I had 2 days with Gary and Paula and I can highly recommend Shootsmart. Throw away your manuals you don't need them to find out how real photographers operate the equipment. Now I can set my camera to manual everytime without any lack of confidence and produce the right result. Keep up the good work you 2, I will be back in the summer for more. Many thanks"
James Shaw

Tony Pickard (Apr 2013)
"Did a one day off camera flash photography course. Gary really explains things in such easy terms,and is happy to spend that bit more time with you if you not quite sure what your doing. Learnt to use flash/speed lights in manual and not relying on the cameras TTL mode. Spent the morning in the studio using studio strobes and learning how to set up shots etc. Then Paula brought out dinner ( thank you Paula) The afternoon was spent out on location learning how to set you camera's ISO, shutter speed and aperture to great great results in outside day light. Got some great shots with crackin moody cloud backgrounds. Also learnt how to use a light meter, will have to start saving for one as they do seem to be a must. Thanks Gary and Paula for a really informative day, learnt loads as did the rest of the people on the course"

Andy McLeod (Mar 2013)
"I had a one-to-one studio photography course with Gary, and I can say that is was very informative and enjoyable. I have been an amateur photographer for many years and Gary opened up a whole new area of the subject. It was a day packed with information and practical skills and Gary's enthusiasm made learning a pleasure"
Andy Click

Michael Smith (Jan 2013)
"As soon as i arrived on the first day of the course, i felt totally relaxed. The teaching method is unbelievable....no lie, i learnt more in the two days that i have in the entire three years i have been photographing. Cant reccomend enough. Easily worth the money. If you are considering going into portrait photography.......the skills taught by Gary are really worth having in your arsenal. Thank you guys and i shall definatly be back for more"

David Wilson (Dec 2012)
"Done a few courses with Gary now and they have been brilliant. He is very knowledgeable and welcomes any question. I've learnt a lot and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn more about their camera or how to enhance their images with post production work in Photoshop. Well worth it."
D Wilson Click

Mark Copley (Oct 2012)
"I had a one day course purchased for me buy my partner as i had a dslr camera but could only use in auto mode, after a day course with Gary i had a understanding of how to use my camera and am now shooting in manual mode, Gary puts everything in an easy to understand way and they is no doubt that gary is an excellent photographer. I would highly recomend shoot smart"

Krzys Gross (Sep 2012)
"This was my second visit.I enjoyed the first introductory course immensely and so when the opportunity presented itself I opted for a One to One course. The training is pitched at your level of knowledge and so you don't get hit with technical terms you don't understand. Gary is very enthusiastic and that spills over into every subject you cover. It has given me a much better appreciation the power of flash photography and what it can do even in full daylight and I will look to try what I have learned for myself. Being introduced to HDR was another first which opens up new horizons. I have had 2 very informative and practical days. The studio surroundings provide for a relaxed atmosphere and the external locations we used were great (old brickworks and a wind farm) I would recommend the studio to anyone looking to improve their technique and knowledge. Thanks must also go to Paula not only for the warm welcome but the backup she provides in the studio so Gary can get out and about"
Krzyz Gross

Scott Carney (Aug 2012)
"On first arriving I was met by a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and you can tell that they know what they are teaching. I was only there one day but learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I highly recommend attending one of their coursest"

Carole Harris (Aug 2012)
"Went to the 3 day wedding course in July and WOW loved every minute of it. Paula and Gary are very passionate bout their work, they are warm, friendly and funny. Learnt loads, the 3 days were packed with information, diversity, tips and met great people"

Kaz178 (24 Apr 2012)

"Thank you so much Gary ,,, this was a fantastic course - thoroughly enjoyable!!! Gary has an amazing passion for photography that rubs off on all his students. The course is taught in a simple, understandable way starting with basics and quickly progressing to more technical concepts. I cannot beleive how much I have learned in five days, thank you so much! I now feel much more confident with my photography and am looking forward to taking it further! Thank you also to Paula for looking after us so well - specially the fish 'n' chips on Friday 🙂 Thank you once again - hopefully see you again on another course!
Best wishes"

George (23 Apr 2012)

"From the minute you walk through the door you are made to feel very welcome. Paula and Gary are a very easy going couple. ( Although in 5 days Gary still thought I was a geordie and not a jock ! 🙂 Even Scooby wants to say hello 🙂 Gary has so much knowledge about his subject. He is bursting with enthusiasm and can talk all day about photography and sometimes does 🙂 The course is non-stop but at a pace that is comfortable. I learnt more in 5 days than in the 3 years I've owned a camera and for that I want to thank both Gary and Paula. Also want to thank Paula for looking after us and making sure we always had something nice to eat and plenty of tea to drink. Thanks again to you both-and Scooby. Will hopefully be back"

Gill (23 Apr 2012)

"Excellent Course. If you read all the reviews below I can only agree with them all. I attended the full week course Before I booked on this course I researched courses thoroughly, throughout the U.K., after all I can't afford to waste my money. I looked at the course content and the reviews. By comparison with other courses that I have seen this seemed very good both on content and value. I was slightly apprehensive before I attended, afraid that my expectations were too high, I was expecting quite a lot from this course. I am happy to say that Gary and Paula exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how much was covered during the week, even though there was quite a lot, each area was covered thoroughly and Gary always checked our understanding before moving on. I now have the confidence to go ahead and get my business started. Which I think is not bad for someone who couldn't hold her camera properly one week ago. Thank you so much Gary and Paula this course is brilliant.x"

I spent five days at red5studios...
This was the second time I had attended a course with Gary and Paula, having first attended the off camera flash a few years ago. Obviously I thought they were excellent, which led me to come back for a wedding and portrait course. I spent five days at red5studios and really enjoy it. Gary is a great instructor and really knows how to explain everything clearly. The highlight of the course was a shoot with a bride and groom at a gorgeous location but also the business talk and information about the industry. I would highly recommend this course if you are interested in wedding or portrait photography. Finally the endless supply of tea was very welcome!.

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