Glencoe Landscape Photography Workshop

Glencoe Landscape Photography Workshop

Glencoe Landscape Photography Workshop & Training Course

Landscape Photography Workshop – Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland is up there as one of the top 5 places to photograph stunning landscapes in the world. It has everything a photographer could ever dream of. Stunning mountain ranges. Cascading mountain waterfalls. Wildlife is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Wild Deer and huge Stags that are totally comfortable in the presence of humans. Some will even eat treats out of your hands. Jaw-droppingly beautiful and so fantastic for pictures.

Glencoe is so picturesque that even parts of James Bond's blockbuster "Skyfall" was filmed there. If you've seen the film you'll recognise the area when we visit.

Objectives: Photograph amazing landscapes in and around the stunning Glencoe area.

Price: £395

  • Feb 7th (Mon) - 9th (Wed) 2022 **LIMITED**
    Winter in Glencoe!
  • Apr 11th (Mon) - 13th (Wed) 2022
    Spring in Glencoe!
  • Oct 31st (Mon) - Nov 2nd (Wed) 2022
    Late Autumn in Glencoe!

I have added an extra day to this workshop! In my experience, the conditions during December are conducive to creating real atmospheric landscape images!
Adding an extra day offers you a better chance of capturing that once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece!...

Price: £495

  • Dec 5th (Mon) - 8th (Thu) 2022
    Winter atmosphere in Glencoe!

BOOK HERE - Questions or to Book call Paula 07941 003683 (Anytime up to 21:00)
or drop us an Email

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Landscape Photography Workshops Glencoe

RESERVE LIST - In my experience, people often drop out through various unexpected commitments. If you'd like to be added to a reserve list please text Paula 07941 003683
This will be a first come first served basis.

Glencoe Landscape Photography

Glencoe Landscape Photography Workshop

Landscape Photography Workshop Glencoe - Moody Landscape

There is nothing like the early morning light to capture a stunning picture of Buachaille Etive Mor. It's the shot every photographer must have in their portfolio. It's a classic shot, but since Buachaille Etive Mor is an icon of Glencoe it's a shot you must have.

Landscape Photography Workshops Glencoe

“Hi All, Just back from Glencoe & wanted to share my experience as an attendee of one of Gary's courses. Have to say as a relative 'newbie' to the world of Photography the course was fantastic. Fantastic locations, hospitality, & knowledge. All in all the course was worth every penny & went above & beyond my expectations. I learnt lots about composition, lighting & even features on my camera which I didn't know about so thank you very much. A big shout out also to Paula & the other Gary for all your help & support along the way. I have so many images to share & following is a link to those I've uploaded to my webpage. If anyone is considering going on one of Gary's courses then I can highly recommend. Once again many thanks - John” See Johns pictures HERE

Contains loads of images from my latest IOS & Glencoe Workshop (Oct 2019)

Glencoe Landscape Photography Training

There are stunning landscapes to be had and most of them require very little effort from you! Some of the best locations are literally a stone's throw away from the side of the road This makes Glencoe easily accessible to just about everyone, old or young, fit or unfit! Obviously, I will encourage everyone to venture much further away from the easily accessible locations but this will be up to you!

I guarantee you’ll return home with photographs you’ll want to print and cherish forever.

"What an experience at Glencoe brilliant workshop a must if you get a chance. Gary’s teaching skills are first class. A fab group of people throughly enjoyed the 3 days"
Carol Hawkridge

Above is a vlog I shot, demonstrating just how much you can photograph in a very short amount of time. If you’re not saying WOW to at least 80% of my pictures then you’ll have to go somewhere else 🙂

Click >>youtube-logo << for more YouTube Videos

You will learn…

  • How to choose the right settings for each shot.
  • How to Shoot in Manual
  • How to meter and expose correctly
  • How to use your Histogram
  • How to focus properly
  • How to compose your shot
  • How to use fast and slow shutter speeds to be creative
  • How to use Filters
  • How to Post Process your pictures correctly in Photoshop
    (This includes an introduction to Photoshop Plugins)
  • Basic and advanced Photoshop tuition given (Catering for all levels)

Glencoe Landscape Photography Training

Glencoe has an abundance of cheap accommodation. My workshops are always taken out of season so there are plenty of different types on offer.
Hotels, Sites for your camper van or Camping (with or without electric). I stayed in a modern pod in March (2019) and it cost *£45 per night. I can't recommend this enough!
Camping and caravan pitches are *£25 per night (inc electric hook-up)
*prices subject to change
We Recommend - We will gladly recommend the best sites that offer the best amenities and value for your money.

Glencoe Landscape Photography Workshop

Landscape Photography Workshops Glencoe

Landscape Photography Workshops Glencoe Landscape Photography Workshops Landscape Photography Workshops in Glencoe


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How do I book?
£150 deposit secures your place. Payments can be made by bank transfer or online.
Just call the studio and speak to Paula.

What skill level do I have to be?
All skills are welcome, beginner to advanced – With such a small group I can cater for all levels. It’ll almost be like a 1-2-1 for the week. Group training will also be given of course!

How many Attendees?
8 - We restrict the numbers to six to ensure you get as much tuition as possible. It'll feel like a full-on 1-2-1 for a whole week. You can also have as much space as you like!

Where do we stay?
Glencoe has an abundance of cheap accommodation. My workshops are always taken out of season so there is plenty of cheap offers.
Hotels, Sites for your camper van or Camping (with or without electricity). I stayed in a modern POD in March (2019) and it cost £45 per night. I can't recommend this enough!
We will gladly recommend the best sites that offer the best amenities and value for your money.

How fit do I need to be?
Not fit at all – All areas are accessible by vehicle and then a short walk. The only challenge will be the hike to an elevated area to shoot down on the white cottage. It's just a gentle climb and you can go up as far as you want. There won’t be any rushing on this trip. If you feel you can’t make it then you’ll still be able to photograph the famous cottage from down below.

Is my camera good enough?
Is it a Camera? then yes – all of the above could have been taken on a cheap camera, the results would have been the same, GUARANTEED!
Pro Camera's available to rent £10 per day (inc. lens)

What Equipment will I need?
Your Camera – Sturdy Tripod – ND filters (these aren't expensive and I can advise the right ones to buy)

Why Winter?
Good skies make for a great picture, the more dramatic the sky the better the image. There are no tourists anywhere (except us). The roads are empty so getting from A-B is a breeze.
And there are NO MOSQUITOES

What if the weather is bad?
As a Landscape Photographer, inclement weather is just something we cannot predict. The best planning in the world can't allow for adverse weather conditions, especially when planning so far in advance. The weather is just something that we as photographers must be prepared for. Because of this, we DO NOT GUARANTEE that we will be able to visit all of the locations listed. We'll certainly try our best though!

How much deposit and when do I pay the balance?
£100 deposit is required to secure your place on the course – the balance is due 6 weeks prior to the 1st day of training


Questions or to Book call the studio (01422 311566) or drop us an Email


  • Any DSLR (Pro Camera available to hire £10 per day)
  • Sturdy Tripod
  • Neutral Density Filters (They're not expensive and I'm happy to advise)
  • Memory Card(s): (at least 8GB of memory cards for each full days shooting)
  • Spare batteries/Chargers
  • Wellies
  • Wet and warm weather clothing

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