Flash Photography Workshop

Flash Photography Workshop

Flash for Beginners Workshop

The focus of this workshop is to help you get the best out of your Speedlite both indoors and on location! The workshop is for a full day and caters for all skill levels. The course starts off at my Studio in Elland (West Yorkshire) and we then venture out to local areas to learn to use our Speedlite's mixed with ambient light.

Each workshop is limited to 8 people. This way I can guarantee each photographer gets enough personal time with me.



• The science of flash
• TTL (Auto) v's Manual flash
• To read a Light Meter for flash
• To read a Light Meter for ambient light
• How and when to use Fill-flash
• High-speed flash sync
• To use bounce flash
• On Camera Flash
• To use lash indoors
• Mix Flash and Ambient light

Flash Photography Workshop

20th MaySunday£95
16th SepSunday£95

Flash Photography Workshop


This is a very hands-on training day and involves very little theory! It’s aimed at the basic to the advanced camera user.

Flash Photography Workshop for beginnersShot using two £40 Yongnuo Speedlites

Mission Statement:
This Workshop teaches everything you need to know about shooting with your Speedlite on and off your camera. This is an amazing technique that’s easy to learn and the outstanding results will far out way the efforts to learn it!

My flash is only a cheap one!
Surely I can't do any of the stuff on this course? I hear this all the time, that's nonsense. Flash is flash! There is obviously slight differences between an expensive Speedlite and a cheap one but the science of flash is equal. The shot above and below were taken using two £40 Yongnuo Speedlites and I'll prove it! I could have actually shot them with one.

Is this you?
I bought a flash to try and it's pants. Sometimes the pictures are bright and sometimes they're dark, my flash is rubbish! If I had a penny for every time I've heard that story...

GOLF: This is my analogy... take your crappy driver to the range, hit a few wayward 125yard shots then give the club to the Golf Pro, then lets judge how crappy your club really is! Sound familiar?

Money back guarantee
I guarantee 100% you'll be better educated and you'll know and embrace your flash forever or your money back - SIMPLE


Shot using two £40 Yongnuo Speedlites

What you need

• A DSLR Camera with a hot shoe
...(£10 hire if you don't own one)

That's it! If you own a flash then bring it. We have spare in the studio if you don't. We supply the triggers, receivers and of course the light meter.

"Practical 'hands on' shooting - not sitting in a classroom learning theory"Testimonials Google

Off Camera Flash Photography Training 2
This was shot using ONE £40 Speedlite

General Course Outline

After the meet and greet, we are straight into the studio to learn the science of flash.

It's so important to learn the Science of Flash - It will change the way you use flash forever! Incidentally, the science of flash is worth knowing as it will give you the confidence to use it more and more.
Don’t worry though; the science bit only takes 30 minutes to learn.

"Practical 'hands on' shooting - not sitting in a classroom learning theory"

Learn and fully understand TTL and Manual flash modes. When to and when not to use them! We further explain the use of high-speed sync, bouncing flash, and using flash as a fill light.

After lunch, we venture out of the studio to learn about mixing flash and ambient light

Let your creative juices flow!

My favourite course
This is my favourite course to teach the students very quickly produce results they are blown away with. Simply learning to take control of your flash on and off camera will have results you can take away and use effortlessly. Some of our students use this technique to generate an income too!

Flash Photography Workshop

20th MaySunday£95
16th SepSunday£95


Is my camera good enough?
As long as it has a Hot Shoe and you can change the shooting mode to manual then it will be perfect.
What if I don't own a flash?
Not a problem - We have spare at the studio
What if my flash is cheap?
We teach the science of flash - All flashes are equal!
I don't own triggers for my flash?
We supply the triggers too - no extra cost. You love using them and you can buy them for £15 (ish) so they won't break the bank either
What should I wear?
A couple of hours is spent out of the studio so warm dry clothing is a must.
How do I book?
Just call the booking line  (01422 311566 or 07941 003683) or drop us an email contact@red5studios.co.uk
What if I cancel?
Cancellations within 30 days are non-refundable. Feel free to sell the ticket on (just let us know)

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