1-Day Landscape Photography Workshops

1-Day Landscape Photography Workshops

1-Day Landscape Photography Workshops

Objectives: Visit amazing locations and  I'll teach you how to get the most out of them.
Suitable for beginners through to serious amateurs

Course Duration: 1 Day
Max Attendees: 6

Price: £195

BOOK HERE - Questions or to Book call Paula (01422 311566) (Anytime up to 21:00)
or drop us an Email



  • *Sat 14th Mar 2020 - Welsh Mountain Experience
  • *Sun 15th Mar 2020 - Welsh Coastal Experience
  • *Mon 16th Mar 2020 - 3 Lighthouse Experience (Anglesey)
  • *Tue 17th Mar 2020 - Mach Loop  (£95)
  • *Wed 18th Mar 2020 - Mach Loop  (£95)

*The above Welsh workshops can be booked separately or as a package 5 days for £495

20% Off your total bill if you book more than 1 day

1-Day Landscape Photography Workshop

1-Day Landscape Photography Workshops – In brief, I take a small group to locations around the UK and teach the participants how to get the most out of each location.


My fun-filled landscape photography workshops are limited to just 6 participants. These small groups will allow for plenty of one-on-one tuition time with me. I'll ensure we visit the right places at the right time to get those vital shots. With my advice, I'll try my best to ensure you produce amazing quality photographs you'll cherish forever.

It's my belief the best way to learn is by doing and doing again! - that's how I learnt photography many years ago.

This is a highly Practical course so be prepared to work hard all day!

1-Day Landscape Photography Workshops

1-Day Landscape Photography Workshops


You'll usually start the day early enough to grab a sunrise shot. Then we normally stop for breakfast or brunch and a well-earned cup of coffee. After a break, we'll change locations and shoot, shoot and shoot some more. Depending on the time of year we might even keep going until sunset!

This is a jam-packed day where you'll have a fun and fantastic time. On top of that, you'll be hanging out with like-minded photographers who share your love of photography.

1-Day Photography Workshop

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You will learn…

  • How to choose the right settings for each shot.
  • How to Shoot in Manual (Optional)
  • How to meter and expose correctly
  • How to use your Histogram
  • How to focus properly
  • How to compose your shot
  • How to use fast and slow shutter speeds to be creative
  • How to use Filters

1-Day Landscape Photography Workshops

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How do I book?
£50 deposit secures your place. Payments can be made over the phone, by bank transfer or online. Just call the studio and speak to Paula.

What skill level do I have to be?
All skills are welcome, beginner to advanced – With such a small group I can cater for all levels. It’ll almost be like a 1-2-1 for the week. Group training will also be given of course!

How many Attendees?
6 - We restrict the numbers to six to ensure you get as much tuition as possible. It'll feel like a full-on 1-2-1 for a whole week. You can also have as much space as you like!

How fit do I need to be?
As fit as me 😉 In other words, not fit at all – All areas are accessible by vehicle and then a short walk. The only challenge might be are hill-walks or a little climbing over styles and fences. Each location will come with its own challenges and I indicate this on each workshop.

There won’t be any rushing on these trips!

Is my camera good enough?
Is it a Camera? then yes – all of the above could have been taken on a cheap camera, the results would have been the same, GUARANTEED!
Pro Camera's available to rent £10 per day (inc. lens)

What Equipment will I need?
Your Camera – Sturdy Tripod – ND filters (these aren't expensive and I can advise the right ones to buy)

What if the weather is bad?
As a Landscape Photographer, inclement weather is just something we cannot predict. The best planning in the world can't allow for adverse weather conditions, especially when planning so far in advance. The weather is just something that we as photographers must be prepared for. Because of this, we DO NOT GUARANTEE that we will be able to visit all of the locations listed. We'll certainly try our best though!

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