DSLR Camera Workshop (Love your SLR)

DSLR Camera Workshop

DSLR Camera Workshop - 1 Day Camera Course

Learn how to...

• Learn your cameras functions
• Get off "Automatic" and use your creativity to the fullest!
• Understand Composition
• Understand Light
• Improve your photographic technical and artistic skills
• Take better shots every time
£69 (£149 FANTASTIC OFFER: SAVE £80)


DSLR Camera Workshop

1 Day DSLR Course Dates

More dates will be added
Jan 28thSundayOffer SAVE £80 = £69
Mar 11thSundayOffer SAVE £80 = £69

DSLR Camera Workshop

Mission Statement:

DSLR Camera Workshop - Shoot Smart one day DSLR camera course will get you shooting better than ever before! It’s designed for the basic to intermediate camera user simply looking to understand and get to grips with all of its functions.

Learn your cameras settings. Learn to shoot using all of your cameras semi automatic modes such as aperture and shutter speed priority. Learn the benefits of these modes and when to, and when not to use them. Understand light, how the direction and quality can make a massive difference to your pictures.

Learn and understand your cameras “Manual” settings too. Take full control, it’s easier than you think – It’s not just there for Pro’s to use!

"Practical 'hands on' shooting - not sitting in a classroom learning theory"


Gift Vouchers Available

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General Course Outline

"Throw away your confusing manual and learn what your camera can really do"

We are realistic about what you can learn and achieve in a one day workshop and have a set plan to ensure you walk away happy and very confident that you have the right platform to build on your photographic knowledge.

We start with the basics of aperture, shutter and ISO, their function and relationship of each and how they relate to correct exposure. We discuss depth of field, slow and fast exposure, panning and apply specific practical indoor/outdoor exercises to reinforce your learning.

You will learn to understand the importance of light. How the quality and direction play a huge part in how your images turn out.

The course will also discuss file capture quality, noise and basic composition. We will touch on the use of photographic manipulation software such as Photoshop/Elements and Corel to name a few. Learn how to showcase your work better too.

*Camera supplied if required

All students must have a DSLR camera (*rental available £10 per day) and are encouraged to bring their flash and other accessories they may have.

No previous experience necessary

DSLR Camera Workshop

Course Objectives:

• Understand your camera’s functions
All auto modes covered TV, AV, A, S, B, C, P and Bulb etc.
• Understand Shooting modes – When to and when not to use them!
• Creative use of depth of field
• Understand - Exposure - Shutter Speed – Film Speed (ISO)
• Light & Light quality
• Understand - White Balance
• Understand - Flash / Fill-Flash
• Learn - To shoot Manually (Just like the Pros!)
• Unbiased advice on what camera gear is best suited for your needs and budget

Improve your skills

Learn how to...
• shoot in "Manual" and take full control.
• use your camera features to get the best results.
• be creative and use of depth of field
• Unbiased advice on what camera gear is best suited for your you

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• Pro Camera available to hire £10 per day
• Memory Card(s): We recommend at least 8GB of memory cards for each full days shooting

1 Day DSLR Course Dates

More dates will be added
Jan 28thSundayOffer SAVE £80 = £69
Mar 11thSundayOffer SAVE £80 = £69

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