Mumbles Boathouse Photography

Mumbles Boathouse Photography

This post is documentation of a recent trip to Mumbles Boathouse, sometimes called Mumbles Lifeboat Station. I created a Youtube video whereby I talk you through my workflow process when visiting locations with the intention of creating Fine Art Images.

Mumbles Boathouse Photography

I have seen a lot of inspiring images of this iconic location which fuelled my excitement for visiting the area and trying to make it my very own. When I say my own I'm of course making reference to my preferred style of landscape/seascape photography, Fine Art!

Mumbles Boathouse Photography Fine Art!

I know the term "Fine Art" is banded around very loosely these days but I honestly believe that my style can only be classified as Fine Art. Creating very long exposures on the sea and manipulating an image to within an inch of its life in post-processing must surely be a qualification for Fine Art, isn't it?

As I mentioned in the video, if you put the words "fine" and "art" together you can get away with pretty much anything!

Making a location your own is of paramount importance when it comes to photographing honey-pot locations. I think I did! I hope you agree?

In this video, I photograph the Mumbles Boat House in my Fine Art Photography style!


Step-by-step easy to follow instructions (Includes original RAW files) CLICK

Mumbles Lifeboat Station is incredible!

Earlier this week I headed to Wales to photograph the old Mumbles Lifeboat Station. I was there for sunset and sunrise. I'm so glad I did both!

Mumbles Lifeboat Station

Sunrise or sunset? The lifeboat station is located in Swansea which lies on the west coast of the UK. It's not quite that straightforward though. The land bends around almost 180 degrees on itself. therefore, when you look out to the boathouse you're actually looking in an easterly direction.

Sunrise - In theory, the best time to capture the boathouse is at sunrise. Having said that, shooting into the sun will render the subject dark.
Sunset - Capturing the Boathouse at sunset means the subject is backlit. The rich colours will be more pronounced!

During my visit, I photographed the boathouse at both sunset and sunrise. I don't have a favourite but the light properties of both images were very different.

Mumbles Lifeboat Station

Where is Mumble Boathouse?
Address & Post Code - 636 Mumbles Rd, Norton, The Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4EA

Where can I park?
There is plenty of parking around. Some of it is free but most of it you'll have to pay a small fee for. My preferred car park is here. It's a small car park. It has a fantastic elevated view of Mumble's boathouse and doesn't have a gate they close at night!

The elevated car park is just off Mumble Road. Look for the small old red and green "Big Apple Ice Cream" hut, you can't miss it!

More info - Wikipedia

Mumbles Boathouse Fine Art Photography

Mumbles Boathouse Fine Art Photography


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