Isle of Skye Photography Workshop

Isle of Skye Photography Workshop

NEXT COURSE: Mar 21st (Mon) - 24th (Thu) 2022 

Isle of Skye Photography Workshop and courses

Landscape Training Course with Pro Photographer Gary Gough

Objectives: Landscape Photography throughout the Isle of Sky. Photograph stunning landmarks from East to West, South to North and everything in between - Includes my complete Post-Processing Workflow!

Course Duration: 4 Days
Max Attendees: 6

Price: £895 - Includes Accommodation (3 nights)
Price: £595 - Excludes Accommodation

Isle of Skye

BOOK HERE - Questions or to Book call Paula 07941 003683 (Anytime up to 21:00)
or drop us an Email


  • Mar 21st (Mon) - 24th (Thu) 2022 **SOLD OUT**
    Winter in Skye!
  • Oct 24th (Mon) - 27th (Thu) 2022
    Autumn in Skye!

Isle of Skye Photography Workshop and courses

Isle of Skye Photography Workshop and courses

Isle of Skye Photography Workshops and courses

Isle of Skye Photography Workshop – There is nothing like the early morning Isle of Skye sun as it rises in the East onto some of the planets finest landmarks. Topping that with the sun setting in the west onto what is probably one of the worlds most picturesque Lighthouses at Neist Point. I guarantee you’ll return home with photographs you’ll cherish forever. Below you’ll see a slideshow taken from a course I held earlier this year. If you’re not saying WOW to at least 80% of my pictures then you’ll have to go elsewhere 🙂

The Island can be found on most landscape photographers bucket lists throughout the world, it really is that nice.

Training: I’m keeping the group size down to only 5, this way It’ll give me the opportunity to spend the maximum amount of time with each delegate.

The following was filmed during my recent sell-out Workshop

A couple of my recent Vlogs filmed during my 5-day workshops in the Isle of Skye

Filmed during a recent trip

Click >>youtube-logo << for more YouTube Videos

You will learn…

  • How to choose the right settings for each shot.
  • How to Shoot in Manual
  • How to meter and expose correctly
  • How to focus properly
  • How to compose your shot
  • How to use fast and slow shutter speeds to be creative
  • How to use Filters
  • How to Post Process your pictures correctly in Photoshop
    (This includes an introduction to Photoshop Plugins)
  • Basic and advanced Photoshop tuition given (Catering for all levels)


Isle of Skye Photography Workshop

Photography Training Isle of Skye with Pro Photographer Gary Gough

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Isle of Skye Photography Workshop and courses


What skill level do I have to be?
All skills are welcome, beginner to advanced – With such a small group I can cater for all levels. It’ll almost be like a 1-2-1 for the week. Group training will also be given of course!

How many Attendees?
5 - We restrict the numbers to six to ensure you get as much tuition as possible. It'll feel like a full-on 1-2-1 for a whole week. You can also have as much space as you like!

Where do we stay?
We stay in a superb, warm and family-run guest house. It's situated on the North East side of the Island. It's perfectly situated offering easy access to most of Sky's Photography hot spots. Each guest has their own room with an en-suite bathroom.

How fit do I need to be?
Not fit at all – All areas are accessible by vehicle and then a short walk. The only challenge will be the hike to reach the “Old Man of Storr” This really is quite a climb albeit mostly on a newly created tarmac path. Having said that I really am not the fittest man alive and I manage it. There won’t be any rushing on this trip. If you feel you can’t make it then you’ll still be able to photograph it from down below.

Is my camera good enough?
Is it an SLR Camera? then yes – all of the above could have been taken on a £250 DSLR the results would have been the same, GUARANTEED!
Pro Camera's available to rent £10 per day (inc. lens)

What Equipment will I need?
Your Camera – Sturdy Tripod – ND filters (these aren't expensive and I can advise the right ones to buy)

Why Winter?
Good sky’s make for a great picture, the more dramatic the sky the better the image. There are no tourists anywhere (except us). The roads are empty so getting from A-B is a breeze.

What if the weather is bad?
As a Landscape Photographer inclement weather is just something we cannot predict. The best planning in the world can't allow for adverse weather conditions, especially when planning so far in advance. The weather is just something that we as photographers must be prepared for. Because of this, we DO NOT GUARANTEE that we will be able to visit all of the locations listed. We'll certainly try our best though!

How much deposit and when do I pay the balance?
£200 deposit is required to secure your place on the course – the balance is due 6 weeks prior to the 1st day of training.Testimonials-GoogleQuestions or Booking info, call the studio (01422 311566) or drop us an Email


• Any DSLR (Pro Camera available to hire £10 per day)
• Sturdy Tripod
• Neutral Density Filters (They're not expensive and I'm happy to advise)
•Memory Card(s): (at least 8GB of memory cards for each full day shooting)
• Spare batteries/Charger.

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