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Steetley Pier Landscape Photography

Steetley Pier Landscape Photography As part of my latest series of Fine Art Photography videos, this week, I find myself at Steetley Pier. This iconic historic derelict and well-photographed pier is located in Hartlepool. Brief Stats Steetley Pier was built in the 1960s for the former Magnesite plant. It's 2000ft in length and was built…
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Mumbles Boathouse Photography

Mumbles Boathouse Photography This post is documentation of a recent trip to Mumbles Boathouse, sometimes called Mumbles Lifeboat Station. I created a Youtube video whereby I talk you through my workflow process when visiting locations with the intention of creating Fine Art Images. I have seen a lot of inspiring images of this iconic location…
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Mach Loop Wales in 2022

Mach Loop Wales in 2022 Is the Mach Loop still worth visiting in 2022? A lot has happened in the world in recent years and the Mach Loop hasn't shied away from changes either. Because of this, I decided to head to the Mach Loop for 3 days to see for myself if any of…
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Off Camera Flash for Beginners

Off Camera Flash for Beginners CREATIVE FLASH TUTORIAL cheap flashes inc Photoshop workflow A guide to Off Camera Flash In this video, I'm calling CREATIVE FLASH TUTORIAL I create a "how-to" guide on how to use your flashes creatively. Cheap versus expensive and I include a Photoshop tutorial too. Off Camera Flash is easy to…
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How to photograph the moon

How to photograph the moon How to photograph the moon easily! Tutorial and Tips to help you Photograph the moon. Last week (7th April 202o) we in the UK witnessed what is known as a Super Pink Moon. It was the closest to earth than at any other time this year. The Super Moon appeared…
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APERTURE a complete guide

APERTURE a complete guide Is F8/F11 aperture settings really the best for Landscape Photography? APERTURE a complete guide Understanding Aperture in Photography So how does your aperture work? I have created a video explaining exactly how your cameras aperture actually works. If you think you already know how it works then why not take a…
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