Steetley Pier Landscape Photography

Steetley Pier Landscape Photography

As part of my latest series of Fine Art Photography videos, this week, I find myself at Steetley Pier. This iconic historic derelict and well-photographed pier is located in Hartlepool.

Brief Stats
Steetley Pier was built in the 1960s for the former Magnesite plant. It's 2000ft in length and was built simply to provide seawater to the aforementioned works. The business at its peak produced more than 250,000 tonnes of high-quality grade Magnesia each year. The company folded in 2005.

Steetley Pier Landscape Photography

In this video entitled, "Fine Art and HDR Photography Steetley Pier" I combine both genres and I was surprised by how much I liked it!

Earlier this week, I headed to Hartlepool to capture a Fine Art images of Steetley Pier. Whilst I was there I had an idea! Why not capture the pier in my normal fine-art way but also take a few extra bright (over-exposed) images which will enable me to add light to the otherwise dark areas of the picture.

That type of photography is called HDR (High Dynamic Range) It's a genre of photography that serious photographers rarely use. HDR photography is a lot of fun. Its original use was over-used and very often over-post-processed. Because of this, I think that's why photographers have put it on the back-burner!

Steetley Pier Fine Art Photography

Steetley Pier Fine Art Photography

Personally, I still love HDR photography. I need to delve into the genre a lot more. I'm sure the forgotten style still has a lot to offer in these modern days!

Below is an image I created back in August 2019

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Park on the side of the road and walk towards to sea.


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