Landscape Photography Vlogging experience Days

Landscape Photography Vlogging experience Days

In Brief - Join me on one of my weekly trips around the UK Photographing and filming Landscapes.

Landscape Photography Vlogging Experience Days








20th (Mon) & 21st (Tue) May

Mach Loop (Wales)

*Photographing fast Jets & other Military Aircraft


A LITTLE WALKING involved but it's not too hard

Fitness: EASY


What's it all about? - A unique opportunity for you to join me as I travel around the UK in search of that ever elusive Perfect Landscape Photograph. Every week I plan and travel around the UK in search of wonderful Landscape Photographs. Well, that's the plan! 🙂

I am offering 1 or 2 people the opportunity to come along and experience a full-on vlogging day. Below you will find a list of days and locations I intend to shoot in the next 2 weeks. If one of these suit you, then why not come and join me?

This is perfect for anyone that has an interest in Landscape Photography and/or Filmmaking!

£130 - Travel with me is FREE
(refreshments included)
To book please see T's & C's below

Landscape Photography (Vlogging) experience Days

Landscape Photography Vlogging experience Days

Landscape Photography (Vlogging) experience Days

What's in it for me? - In brief, you can experience my typical day, out and about shooting and filming Landscapes for my weekly YouTube channel. You can even help with the filming if you like!

You can watch my workflow. You can see how I choose one location/composition over another. I will talk you through my camera settings but most importantly the reasons I choose certain settings.

You can, of course, take loads of photographs too. I'll be there to help with that.
It's almost like a one-to-one/two training session.

"Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed the vlogging day experience when I joined you in Cumbria.  Great insight into how you gather content and your approach, very informative and as always your passion for your photography shone through.  Great to watch the finished vlog on YouTube and some excellent images. Many thanks for your help and guidance throughout the day. Great day out, although it took forever to get warmed up, freezing winds. Thank you for sharing your working day, would 100% recommend it"
Carol H

Landscape Photography (Vlogging) experience Days


My chosen locations will be wide and varied. Everything from shooting Piers and Lighthouses to Climbing mountains. Shooting Jetties at sunrise to Seascapes at Sunset. All you need to do is look at the list and choose what you fancy!


If you would like to travel with me then pick-up and drop-off will ONLY be from the studio at the given time. I WILL NOT travel around collecting you and dropping you off.  I am more than happy to meet you at the destination though.
The only way this will work for me is if you work to my schedule. I will only be visiting the areas pre-planned.

The trip might have a very early start or very late finish and these times are NON NEGOTIABLE. The day might start with many hours of travelling with only a short shoot at the end. The day might also consist of a considerable amount of walking and hiking. I will try and describe what the day is likely to consist of!

I never shoot at weekends! Most of my trips are Mon-Thu

>> MACH LOOP <<<<<

Photographing fast Jets & other Military Aircraft FROM ABOVE!

The Mach Loop is a military low fly zone for the UK and overseas-based aircraft. It is one of the most unique places on planet earth. Imagine viewing military aircraft screaming through a valley at 350+ MPH and all of this happens below your feet. It's an exhilarating experience like no other. This excitement can only be felt (outside of a warzone) in only a couple of places on earth and one of them is in Wales!

Watch my guide to the Mach Loop below. I try to capture the feeling of being there.
It's been viewed more than 250k times, it's that much of a sort-after experience!

If we get lucky, this is an experience like no other, what's not to love about jets screaming only a 50 meters from your camera lens. You don't have to be an aircraft spotter or military nerd to really feel the excitement. 

*NO GUARANTEE'S - In reality, you're never guaranteed to see aircraft at the Mach Loop. There are no flying schedule or timetables. My experience tells me however when they're more than likely to fly through the Loop, but it's simply a case of go and hope.

JUST LIKE FISHING - It's a beautiful place to visit and just like fishing the rule is simply this... turn up and relax and if aircraft fly screaming through the loop then that's a bonus.

£99 1-day
£185 2-day
Price includes

  • Full day/s at 2 separate locations (07:00 - 17:00) + (09:00 - 17:00)
  • Travel from the meeting point to each viewing area
  • Breakfast butties up the mountain

Staying over? there is plenty of local accommodation from £25 per night. 

Register your interest -
I go out shooting landscapes once or twice every week. Very often I don't know where I am going more than a couple of days beforehand, sometimes I change locations at very short notice too. This might be due to inclement weather or travel restrictions etc.

I can let you know via email as soon as I know where I am going. I am happy for you to suggest locations to shoot too. Please email  and let me know what week or locations you would be interested in.



  • Filming for your own vlog is OK but you MUST NOT mention or film me!
  • You will not appear in my video
  • Attendees will not be mentioned in my video

How to book

Text 07941 003683 and request a callback.
Paula or I will call you back and make any necessary arrangements.


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