Photography Courses & Workshops

Photography Courses & Workshops

New to Photography, keen Enthusiast or Semi Professional? We have photography courses and workshops to suit all levels of experience.

Shootsmart Photography Training will inspire your digital SLR photographic efforts, whatever your level of experience. I have been teaching photography enthusiasts to master new techniques and improve their picture-taking skills by providing clear, direct information on a wide range of technical and creative topics.


My courses are broken down into specific photography workshops designed to stimulate and train the photographer's eye to see what is happening around them, the spontaneous moment, the telling glance and gesture. Our range of photographic courses offer invaluable lessons in learning and creativity. Whether you book one of our beginner courses designed for those who are new to photography or a more intermediate level course, our courses take the budding photographer from the basics of camera functions such as utilising aperture and shutter speeds, understanding exposure, focusing and file size options through to full white balance and ISO control.

"Practical 'hands on' shooting - not sitting in a classroom learning theory"

Our serious amateur and advanced courses follow on from these sound foundations, once again providing "hands-on" opportunities, encouraging participants to create work that reaches deep within and reflects their own personalities. Workshops such as our wedding, portraiture, studio and Photoshop courses give you the skill-set to pursue either a part or full-time career in photography or just a solid platform for the many serious amateur photographers out there who love to expand their photographic skills.

Photography Courses & Workshops:

At Shootsmart our workshops are 'hands on', practical and an enjoyable way to improve your photographic skills. We take a photojournalist approach throughout each course. Each workshop has a certain theme enabling you to develop skills over a wide range of photographic disciplines. Our camera handling workshop is "hands-on" where you can play around with different cameras, lenses and accessories.

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  • Wedding Portfolio Day

    Wedding Portfolio Day

    Wedding Portfolio Day 1 Day This 1 day workshop is aimed at the keen photographer (all skill levels) looking to create a Portfolio for either personal or business use. We will teach you how to pose and direct a gorgeous model Bride & Groom in a wedding day setting. You…


  • Photography Training Isle of Skye

    Photography Training Isle of Skye

    Landscape Photography Training Isle of Skye Photography Training Isle of Skye – There is nothing like the early morning Isle of Skye sun as it rises in the East onto some of the planets finest landmarks. Topping that with the sun setting in the west onto what is probably the…


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