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Wedding Photography Training - Shooting a wedding is a huge responsibility. You are in charge of capturing a historic day in people’s lives. You need to be a proficient camera user, technically sound and be creative and able to handle the pressure of the day professionally.

Wedding photography demands people skills, being able to work under pressure, to handle any scenario, any weather condition, be versatile, flexible, adaptable, personable, engaging and well organized. It’s about summing up a scenario quickly for the best backdrop, working the light and implementing the nuances of lens perspective, depth of field and exposure options.

ShootSmart wedding photography course teaches you the skill-set to shoot at a professional level, to capture the flavour, the mood and the magic of the day. The course is a real hands-on, and we cover every aspect of a typical wedding day, from the pre-wedding shoot and Bride prep right through to the first dance. The group will be limited to a maximum of 10 for a highly personalised training experience using models and set props to re-create real-life wedding scenarios.


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  1. Ottalie Oades
    Good Evening, Could you please send me more information on your 3 day wedding photography course. I would be interested in having the shoot at hazelwood castle. What dates would be available ? Kindest regards Ottalie Oades
    • gary_gough
      Hi, the info and available dates are here... Let me know if I can help further
  2. Andrew whitehead
    Good morning, do you have any potential dates for the 3 day wedding workshop in 2019.
    • gary_gough
      Hi Andrew, Dates for the 3-day workshops are now online. Cheers
  3. Please could I book the wedding course 4th of may?
    • gary_gough
      Hi Janine, I'm just on catch-up. I'll call you shortly, Paula?

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