Studio Photography Training

Studio Photography Training

1 Day Studio Photography Training + Learn OFF CAMERA FLASH

"The Studio" & "Off Camera Flash"
Courses are now combined
Extra Value!

Studio Photography Training + PLUS - Learn "OFF CAMERA FLASH" Click

Learn how to...

• setup a studio
• read a light meter
• 1, 2 and 4 light setups
• Create High and Low key lighting
• Replicate a studio at home for a fraction of the price!


• Off Camera Flash
• On Camera Flash
• Fill Flash
• Mix Flash and Ambient light
• Learn to read a Light Meter
£95 (£149 FANTASTIC OFFER: SAVE £54)


Studio Photography Training

Studio and Off Camera Flash Photography Training

Mission Statement:

This popular fun and intensive studio photography course covers both portraiture and still life photography giving you the skills and confidence to create stunning, controlled photographs. With access to a wide range of lighting, backdrops and accessories you will have the chance to experiment with our lighting equipment, develop an understanding of lighting techniques & see how the choice of lighting affects the final image.

The course is suited for the complete novice to the experienced photographer.

"Practical 'hands on' shooting - not sitting in a classroom learning theory"


General Course Outline

This is a very hands-on training day and involves very little theory! It’s aimed at the basic to advanced camera user.


It’s very popular and a fun introduction into the world of Studio Lighting. Being able to control lighting fully opens up a whole new world of photographic opportunities! You will learn how to setup a basic studio using 2, 3 and four lights. You will learn how to setup Hi and Low-Key lighting. Advanced lighting techniques are also covered in the afternoon. Within a very short time you will be experiencing the wonders of studio photography and its endless opportunities.

We will demonstrate how studio lighting can be replicated at home or office for a fraction of the price too.

Camera *supplied if required

All students must have a DSLR camera (*rental available £10 per day).

Studio and Off Camera Flash Photography Training

No previous experience necessary

Experimenting with controlled lighting is fun to learn, the results are astonishing

Course Objectives:

• Learn to setup a studio
• Learn the science of flash
• Understand Flash/Camera sync
• Learn to read a light meter
• 1, 2, 3 and 4 light setups
• High and Low key lighting
• Replicate a studio at home for a fraction of the price!
• General Posing of Adults, Kids and Families


Improve your skills

Learn how to...
• shoot in "Manual" and take full control.
• Unbiased advice on what camera gear is best suited for your you


• Pro Camera available to hire £10 per day
• Memory Card(s): We recommend at least 8GB of memory cards for each full days shooting

Studio Photography Training + OCF

May 7thSunday£95 (SAVE £54)
Jul 16thSunday£95 (SAVE £54)

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