Godox AD600BM Review & Beauty Shoot

Godox AD600BM Review & Beauty Shoot

Godox AD600BM Review

In June 2016 armed with only a GODOX AD600BM Strobe, tripod and my Sekonic light-meter, my assistant and I headed off to Flamborough Head to test out the aforementioned light! If I'm honest I've been using the light for a couple of months prior so I knew it was an excellent light. Having said that, I hadn't pushed the light to it's limits. I wanted to try the light during a bright sunny day and test out it's high-speed sync capabilities. I wasn't disappointed!

Godox AD600BM Review & Beauty Shoot

Watch the 4 minute video to see my setup and how easy it is to use

Godox AD600BM Review

It's important to point out that I only use the light in conjunction with the Godox Trigger (Godox X1R-C 2.4G) this way it eliminates any compatibility issues it might have with other triggers. This is NOT the TTL Version either. I only ever shoot in Manual mode so I didn't need the extra expense of the TTL version.

I shot just shy of 300 images over a 1 1/2 hour period and the light performed faultlessly.

It's power output is around a stop and a half more than a Canon Speedlite. Whilst this doesn't sound too impressive that little extra makes a huge difference. Furthermore it has way more staying power than the Canon Speedlites.

Godox AD600BM Review

High-Speed Sync
I think this is it's most impressive asset. Whilst shooting at F16 @ 1/125th second I simply changed the settings on my camera to F2.8 - 1/2000th second and the light automatically changed to High-Speed Sync. Very clever. This will not happen with a third party trigger so beware!

Weight and Bulk
Ok so it's not exactly the most portable of light, but if want the power there has to be some give. I see this as a Studio Flash I'm able to use away from my Studio, and best of all a plug socket. The build is fairly robust too, I know I've dropped it twice and it still works!

Controls and user Interface
Bright and easy to read, easy to navigate.

Battery Life
I use this light most weeks but I never use it for more that 2 hours in a day which is normally around 2-300 flashes. More often than not I use the flash at half power. It's never let me down. For what it's worth the battery indicator never falls below half either.

A real 5 star product - I just can't recommend this light enough, well done Godox

Please Note

Godox AD600BM Review

This blog isn't set out to be a full-on review of the Godox light. There's millions of other people offering full-on reviews so if that's what you're after go and look them up. However as a working professional I just wanted to share my experience of using the light with you. I'm sure some people might feel they benefit more from someone who actually uses the light regularly in their work!


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