Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere + Wray Castle
Oct 3rd + 4th 2016

Another sell-out Wedding Portfolio weekend was held at the Langdale Chase Hotel in Winderme and the stunning Wray Castle. Langdale chase was the venue of choice for Saturday, topping the weekend off at the brilliant Wray Castle, which is also situated on the same stretch of water.

The idea of a Wedding Portfolio Day/Weekend is to enable Pro & Semi-Professional Photographers to take lots of pictures of model Brides and Grooms in real wedding venues to add to their own Wedding Portfolios.

The Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere has been created to offer photographers the chance to:

  • Photograph beautiful Bride/s & Groom/s
  • Create stunning images (Pictures that sell!)
  • Professionally pose Bride and Groom
  • Read and select the most complimentary Light
  • Embrace and photograph your surroundings
  • Expand your photography knowledge and skills
  • Use video light
  • Shoot in Low light

I take this opportunity to run the day as life-like to a real wedding day as I possibly can. This means I teach you how to photograph the Bride and Groom exactly how I would do on a normal wedding. We use natural light, Video light and Flash, once again  in exactly the same way I would.

I keep numbers limited, as it is important to me to to ensure that all attendees  get the best experience from my Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere.

Photographs that work, Images that sell!


Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 008
Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere + Wray Castle

This was a a particularly difficult shot to take for most people. It's in a very dark room and shot directly into bright sunshine with the view of Lake Windermere in the background. The pose is delicate the composition is spot on and the balance of bright ambient light outside is mixed perfectly with video light inside. We obviously photographed the Bride and Groom here using the same lighting and in various positions - These pictures really hit the mark, pictures taken in complicated lighting like this is what 99% of photographers would shy away from but as you can see, these pictures will make you stand out - These pictures sell!

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray CastleVarious poses utilising the amazing surroundings


Wedding Portfolio DayGreat composition complimented with a strong pose, this really works, but only if it's done right! It's important to capture the whole scene- tell the story!

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 005Whilst this kind of fun/dance pose isn't to everyone's liking, it teaches just what can be achieved if the Bride obliges! We do what we call "the swishing" pose with just about every Bride - this can only be achieved if you engage the couple correctly!

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 011

Called the Umbrella Shot for obvious reasons - This is achieved using flash from behind the subject. This is excellent for after-dark / winter weddings. In the winter whilst most photographers are devoid of ideas or are shooting indoors using flash, we are outside taking advantage of the night sky. I normally combine this kind of shot with ambient light from the buildings and surroundings.

The next 4 pictures are a great example of what can be achieved during a wedding in January...

Wedding Portfolio Day Wedding Portfolio Day Wedding Portfolio DayWedding Portfolio Day

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 010 Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 009Great use of composition, I added a flash behind the couple to add drama to the scene - Works a treat!

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 007Mixing ambient light with flash enables us to really show off the skyline - I use the "Off Camera Flash" technique during every wedding we shoot. These are know to us as "The Mantelpiece" or "Money Shot" These pictures sell!

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 004 Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 003Both of the above were shot using just the available ambient light from the windows.

Wedding Portfolio Day Windermere & Wray Castle - 002

Thanks to all the attendees for a great weekend - A personal thanks for all the amazing comments too!

Fancy adding some great pictures to your Portfolio?


The following are all 100% genuine testimonials left for us by our Customers

"Just completed the 5 day course and loved every minute of it, this couple ooze inspiration, so being a complete beginner on the technical side of photography I came away with a wealth of knowledge and buzzing with inspiration, Gary and Paula couldn't have crammed anymore information into five days and couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating, I am now hoping to book the five day landscape course, I honestly can't believe how far I have come and delighted I stumbled across this training course to explore my passion for photography"
Amanda Moore (May 2015)


"Just returned from 5 Day Wedding and Portrait Workshop, run by Gary and Paula Gough, at Shootsmart. The atmosphere was relaxed, and the information was presented in a light hearted manner, with plenty of jokes and stories from Gary and Paula, which helped get the information across.One day was a mock wedding, held at the lovely Hazelwood Castle, with two lovely models, and plenty of posing and setup advice, and I've come away with some fantastic pictures, which if they hadn't come off my card I would never have believed they were mine.Other days were spent in the studio, outside with off camera flash and some amazing Photoshop sessions.I've come away with a lot more knowledge, and look forward to attending other courses. Definitely recommend the courses if you want to do more than point and shoot with your camera"
Peter Simpson (May 2015)


"5 Day wedding & studio course WHAT YOU WAITING FOR ??? BOOK THE COURSE NOW Seriously what are you waiting for? I wish i booked the course last year. Since I've got back from the course I’ve done nothing but plan for the launch of my own photography business. One day i might be able to make the switch to full time pro.Gary and his team are great, very welcoming, great lunches provided and plenty of drinks available. The Studio is excellent. I could go on, The photoshop actions sessions were amazing.if you are thinking about turning a hobby into a business give this course ago"
Michael Scott (May 2015)


I have done several courses with Paula and Gary ,all were conducted in a friendly light-hearted environment in which Gary got all the points across to enable me to understand the course and techniques  required ......fantastic studio and the out of studio venues will blow your mind ..... For me the best there is
Ian bower (May 2015)


I did both the Love Your SLR (15th March) and the 5 Day Wedding/Portrait Course (2nd - 5th March) and both were excellent. I bought my camera sometime last year and pretty much never used it as I didn't really know what I was doing. I'd read a couple of books in the past but nothing beats hand on experience and Gary give you that experience in droves.From photographing items such as shoes, flowers, wedding dresses etc, to people in poses in a mock wedding at Ripley Castle (North Yorkshire), to people in a studio, to off camera flash location shoots around Elland, to using and understanding light meters, The list goes on and on.I had a fantastic time at shootsmart and I would like to thank Gary and his wife Paula who kept us well fed and everything running to schedule, And Kelly who is their assistant/stand in model.I can't recommend them highly enough.
William Callister


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