Mach Loop Wales

Mach Loop Wales

Mach Loop Wales - What an amazing experience.

Lee and I traveled from Yorkshire to experience the delights of low flying military aircraft through the Mach Loop in Wales and hopefully return with same amazing photographs.

This video goes to prove that in the world of photography, things don't always go to plan, especially when it involves forces beyond your control.

If you're thinking about going, watch this video it might help!
Feel free to ask questions... enjoy the video!

Can't wait until we go again!

Mach Loop Wales

Mach Loop Wales

Mach Loop Wales - Getting it right, getting it Wrong!

Lee and I set off from Yorkshire late Tuesday night (18th April 2017) so we could set up camp, sleep the night and wake up bright and breezy and ready to take on the world.

It didn't quite go like that though... When we arrived, Lee knew that parking was very limited, so to help others out he thought it would be a great idea to park off the road and into a field. The field wasn't fenced off. It was just a field full of wild plants and bushes. Clearly nobody had driven into the field in some time. However, after Lee checked the ground which he thought was solid, he drove onto it. As sure as eggs are eggs the van got stuck. Lee drove over the only piece of soft ground on the mountain. 2 hours of digging by hand in the dark ensued. The van just wasn't playing ball. Anyway, long story short the farmer rocked up in the morning and pulled the van out without any issues. Red faces all round and £40 lighter in the pocket, but we survived to tell the tale.

The Farmer was a great guy and due to what happened to Lee's van, he's now considering tarmacking a bit of the field to help photographers out. There you go a nightmare scenario turned good!

Mach Loop Wales

In summary it was a great couple of days photographing various aircraft. Watch the video for tips and see how it can all go t**s up too! 🙂

Mach Loop

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Presented By: Gary Gough
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